Support Modbury Hospital


More than 100 volunteers at the hospital work with hospital staff and departments for the benefit of both patients and the wider hospital community.

Volunteers provide a valuable service to many areas of the hospital.

General volunteers assist all areas of the hospital, providing companionship to patients and their families on the wards, arranging flowers, giving hand massages and visiting the kiosk for patients if required.

Newspaper volunteers visit all areas of the hospital with their newspaper trolley, selling newspapers and magazines.

Palliative Care Unit volunteers help out in the hospice, chatting with patients and their families.

Community volunteers offer respite to families.

Day Centre volunteers coordinate social get-togethers in the hospice for community patients and massage volunteers offer free massages to community patients in the hospice.

Hospital Auxiliary members operate the gift shop, kiosk and run trading tables to raise funds for the hospital.

We value all volunteers and the wonderful work that they do for the hospital community.

For more information on volunteering at our hospital, please contact the Volunteer Services Manager on (08) 8161 2000.

Modbury Hospital Foundation

To secure a caring role for future generations, Modbury Hospital Foundation, a registered charity, was established in 1991 to provide funding for medical research, facilities and equipment to support key areas of the hospital’s development.

In its pursuit of excellence in patient care, research and education, the foundation relies on generous donations from the community. Any support you can give would be greatly appreciated.

To find out more about the Modbury Hospital Foundation, telephone (08) 8161 2626 or visit the website.