How to get involved at NALHN

Consumer Community

NALHN's Consumer Community is made up of consumer representatives who bring their own diverse skills, experience and knowledge, and who share a common interest in the provision of health care for our community.

Consumer representatives play an important role by assisting NALHN in continuous improvement by providing a consumer voice, advice and feedback.  They actively participate in many areas within our organisation.

What consumer representatives do

  • members of the Consumer Community contribute to the design, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of NALHN health services
  • consumer representatives may participate in a range of activities including governance meetings, specific short-term projects, health literacy and co-design meetings and Consumer Community workshops
  • the time commitment is flexible and is based on your availability and the requirements of the project/committee


You are eligible to become a member of the Consumer Community if you live in NALHN's catchment area or are a carer of someone using NALHN services and have a commitment to quality improvement in health services.

Expectations of members

The key expectations of members of the Consumer Community are:

  • active participation in quarterly meetings of the Consumer Community with a commitment to undertake agreed actions
  • active participation as members of NALHN committees
  • involvement in short-term projects
  • flexibility to attend meetings during the week either in person or via Teams

Members of the NALHN Consumer Community have an interest in sharing information, insights and experiences in a helpful way that others can learn from, can work together with a variety of other people, including staff of the NALHN services.


NALHN believes that an effective Consumer Community reflects the diversity of the people of the northern region and the broader community. A diverse membership ensures that the decisions being made consider culturally appropriate health care and sensitivity to social and cultural preferences.


Membership in the Consumer Community is for a 2-year term with all members undertaking an induction and orientation program and further training when required.


Consumer Community members are reimbursed for their time and will be paid in line with the SA Health Schedule of Sitting Fees and Reimbursement for External Individuals.

Become a consumer representative

If you are interested in joining the Consumer Community contact the Consumer and Community Advisor at 0481 478 326 or