Volunteering at Modbury Hospital

Become a volunteer at the Modbury Hospital

The Modbury Hospital has a long and proud history of volunteering. This passionate and dedicated group of volunteers has evolved into the highly professional Northern Healthcare Volunteer Association, with more than 200 volunteers contributing hours of service across the Modbury and  Lyell McEwin Hospitals, James Nash House and Northgate.

The culture and spirit of volunteering is part of the NALHN framework today, with volunteers playing a vital role in the day-to-day operations of the hospital, enhancing many of our services and the quality of patient care.

Being a volunteer at Modbury Hospital has several benefits including:

  • developing your skills and knowledge
  • increasing your confidence and helping you to achieve personal satisfaction
  • working in a friendly team
  • building friendships and networks with like-minded individuals
  • making a difference to patients and their families
  • being appreciated for the support services you provide


The Northern Healthcare Volunteer Association ensures that volunteers have the necessary skills and training for the roles that they perform across our hospitals and services.  They provide ‘buddy shift’ and on the job training to help volunteers understand he various tasks that they can elect to undertake.  The following training is also provided:

  • workplace safety
  • fire safety
  • manual handling
  • customer service training

Ensuring a rewarding experience

Volunteering can be a rewarding experience. We support you in all aspects of your time with us. We value, recognise, and applaud the contributions made by our volunteers. This is shown in a variety of ways:

  • Service awards
  • Special awards for outstanding contribution
  • Volunteer Events
  • Volunteer Uniform

To get involved in volunteering at Modbury Hospital, Lyell McEwin Hospital, James Nash House or Northgate, please visit https://www.lyellmcewinvolunteer.org.au  to make an application with the Northern Healthcare Volunteer Association or telephone (08) 818 29651 to find out more.