Speech pathology at NALHN

The NALHN Speech Pathology service aims to maximise patient communication skills and ability to swallow.

Services are provided to hospital patients and outpatients who require speech pathology services that are not available in the community.

Adult services

Services for adults include:

  • assessment and management of patients with swallowing disorders
  • assessment and treatment for patients who experience changes to the sound/quality of their voice or have difficulty using their voice
  • speech, language and cognitive-communication assessments and management
  • provision of alternative communication devices and strategies
  • advice and consultancy to medical and other staff on management of patients with tracheostomy, swallowing and communication disorder.

Children services

Services for children include:

  • assessment and management of infants/children with feeding and swallowing conditions
  • assessment and management of children with delayed and/or disordered communication
  • developmental screening of infants with a gestational age of 32 weeks or less.


NALHN Allied Health Division
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