Gastroenterology and Hepatology Services at Flinders Medical Centre

The Department of Gastroenterology & Hepatology at Flinders Medical Centre comprises of three main units:

  • Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
  • Hepatology & Transplant Medicine
  • Luminal Gastroenterology

Collaborating Surgical Departments:

  • Colorectal Surgery
  • Hepatobiliary & Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery
  • Liver Transplant

The Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology brings together staff from academic and clinical backgrounds in medical, surgical, scientific, nursing and allied health to work towards better patient care through an integrated approach to digestive health. The department provides a focus for education and research activities in digestive health.

The Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology is involved in a number of programs linking work at Flinders Medical Centre to the community. Programs are designed to assist and improve the digestive health of the population at large, through assistance to general practitioners and information and support for patients in areas like cancer prevention.

Key programs

  • SCOOP - the Southern Cooperative Program for the Prevention of Colorectal Cancer
  • PEG support program (for patients who have a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube)
  • CPI (Clinical Practice Improvement Program) in conjunction with the Division of Surgery and Specialties
  • Liver Failure Program

Contact details


Professor Robert Fraser
Secretary - Kylie Farrawell
Telephone: (08) 8204 4964
Fax: (08) 8204 3943


SCOOP program
Telephone: (08) 8204 8902
Fax: (08) 8204 8971

Liver Failure Program 
Telephone: (08) 8204 5511, pager 38467
Fax: (08) 8204 3943

Clinical Practice Improvement Program - Bev Draper
Telephone: (08) 8204 8902
Fax: (08) 8204 8971