Discharge at Flinders Medical Centre

We aim to discharge patients by 11.00am, but this may vary.

Before leaving hospital, make sure that you and anyone involved in your care understand what ongoing treatment you require.

Your health care team will arrange for any special services to continue. Before leaving:

  • if you have to attend an Outpatient Clinic please check that you have an appointment card with the time and date of your appointment
  • make sure you clearly understand instructions for taking any medications
  • take home any x-rays you brought in
  • collect and sign for valuables handed over for safekeeping
  • ask for a sick certificate if required

Transfer from hospital

Sometimes it may be appropriate to transfer you from Flinders Medical Centre to another hospital, nursing home or other accommodation. This transfer will be organised by our staff.

Any plans to transfer you to another hospital will be explained to you and your family by the staff caring for you.

Transport home

In line with other public hospitals in South Australia, Flinders Medical Centre is no longer offering cash reimbursement to patients for transport purposes. Patients are encouraged to explore alternative transport options. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your transport options, please contact the FMC Social Work team on (08) 8204 4144.


Patients are required to arrange their own transport home. If possible you should arrange for someone to accompany you home. Ambulance transport between public hospitals is only provided by the hospital for medical reasons.

If you are transported to or from hospital by ambulance or between hospitals or home at your request, you will be responsible for the payment of any accounts from the ambulance service. If you are a member of an ambulance fund or health fund you may be able to claim a rebate.


Patients are required to arrange their own transport to and from their outpatient appointments.

Transport can be provided for patients at their request, however the patient will be responsible for the payment of any accounts arising from the service (such as ambulance or taxi transport).

Contact details

Ph: (08) 8204 5473
Fax: (08) 8204 3024