Family Advisory Unit at Flinders Medical Centre

Phone: (08) 8204 5197

This is a central phone line for all Women’s Health Clinic enquiries and you may be placed in a queue whilst staff are attending to another call.

Address: Flinders Drive, Bedford Park SA 5042

What women need to know about services at the Flinders Medical Centre

  • Referrals are not required for this service.  Patients can self refer.

  • Flinders Medical Centre offers an early medication abortion service up to 9 weeks gestation and a surgical abortion service up to 15 weeks gestation

  • Consultation appointments are available on Tuesday mornings

  • Abortion procedures occur on alternate Thursday mornings

  • Women who do not have a Medicare card can obtain a service from the Flinders Medical Centre and the costs that apply will be discussed with you beforehand

  • Please bring your Medicare card or Health Care card on the day of your procedure

  • You must have a responsible person over 18 to take you home and stay with you overnight following your procedure

What women need to do before a consultation at the Family Advisory Unit

  • Before any procedure, your health information is required for a Women’s Health administration officer to be able to book your appointment.

  • Specific Client Information can either be collected or posted out to you for completion

  • Included in the Client Information is a pathology form with instructions for you to have blood and urine tests at a SA Pathology clinic before you attend at your confirmed appointment

  • An ultrasound scan will be done at the time of your appointment.