Bed Management Unit at Flinders Medical Centre

The Central Flow Coordinators (one medical and one surgical) and Patient Streaming Nurses work closely with wards and units to facilitate the admission of patients to suitable accommodation within the hospital in a timely manner. Using the ward pull methodology, ward staff are enabled and empowered to select the longest waiting or most clinically urgent patients waiting for available beds. Having the right patient in the right place enhances patient safety, reduces outliers and increases staff satisfaction for all staff groups.

The Central Flow Coordinators work Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 4.00pm and are supported by the Patient Streaming Nurse working 2.30pm to 11.00pm weekdays and covering 7.00am to 11.00pm on weekends and public holidays. The hospital After Hours Coordinator manages patient flow outside of these hours.

Contact details

Telephone: (08) 8204 5409

Central Flow Coordinators

Medical - (08) 8204 6844, pager 3782
Surgical - (08) 8204 6524, pager 38043
Hours: Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 4.00pm

After Hours

Streaming Nurse 2.30pm to 11.00pm every day and also 7.00am to 3.30pm on weekends and public holidays.

Telephone: (08) 8204 6534, pager 38044

Outside of these hours, the After Hours Hospital Coordinator manages patient flows and can be contacted through switchboard.