Clozapine is a medication used in the treatment of schizophrenia. It is an atypical antipsychotic and is regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and subsidised under the Highly Specialised Drugs Program.

Clozapine, tradename Clozaril® or Clopine®, may cause serious side effects in a very small proportion of the population especially if stopped abruptly or recommenced at the regular dose after a period of non-compliance, for instance in the event of a patient being admitted to hospital and not being able to tell staff that they are taking clozapine.

SA Mental Health Services are committed to providing clinicians and consumers with state wide standardised resources that will assist in the safe and effective management of consumers who are taking clozapine.

For more information

For information regarding clozapine management please contact the local clozapine coordinator at your nearest Community Mental Health Centre.

Important information

COVID-19 – Mental Health Fact Sheet Interim Clozapine Management Guideline (PDF 226KB)

Clozapine Management Clinical Guideline (PDF 2.4MB)

Important information about patients on Clozapine - For general hospitals

Clozapine Toxicity and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Fact Sheet (PDF 135KB)

Off label use Atropine Eye Drops Fact sheet (PDF 252KB)

Clozapine clinic journey (PDF 267KB)

Factors influencing Clozapine plasma concentrations (PDF 528KB)

Potential Clozapine drug interactions: See page 34 of Clinical Guideline (PDF 2.4MB)

Shared care pathways: See Appendix 2 of Clinical Guideline (PDF 2.4MB)


NPS Medicinewise Article: NHMRC Guidelines - Managing Constipation in Adults

Choice and Medication – Clozapine and Constipation Fact Sheet (PDF 161KB)

Alert instructions and screen captures

Clozapine Alert – Create/Update/Inactivate (OACIS alerts system) (PDF 460KB)

GP Clozapine screen captures (PDF 33KB)

Clozapine Review - CBIS screen captures (PDF 187KB)

Clozapine Alert - CBIS screen captures (PDF 89KB).

Flow charts

Flow chart – OACIS Alert for consumer on Clozapine admitted to general hospital ward (PDF 21KB)

Flow chart – Consumer on Clozapine admitted to ED (PDF 21KB)

Flow chart – Communication with community / inpatient Clozapine coordinators (PDF 22KB) 

Nurse-led clinic model (PDF 49MB).

Forms and protocols

Clozapine prescription example: (see Appendix 5 of Clozapine Management Clinical Guideline (PDF 2.4MB))

MR74D - Example Clozapine Commencement Form (PDF 693KB)

MR75D - Example Clozapine Investigation Review (PDF 517KB)

MR76D - Example Clozapine Transfer of Care (PDF 501KB)

MR77D - Example Clozapine Patient 4 weekly Protocol (PDF 518KB)

MR78D - Example Patient Protocol Recommencement (PDF 517KB)

Nurse Led Clozapine Clinics – Pathways and protocols for managing abnormal / adverse events (PDF 89KB).


Learning Central

Questionnaires and assessments

Nurse Led Clozapine Clinic - Questions to ask at Clozapine reviews (PDF 28KB)

Clozapine clinic consumer questionnaire (PDF 46KB)

Clozapine care card template (PDF 232KB)

Clozapine consumer body temperature information template (PDF 402KB)

GP information

Clozapine shared care checklist: (see Appendix 4 of Clozapine Management Clinical Guideline (PDF 2.4MB))

The resources listed below are information for people who have been prescribed clozapine and their carers. 

Clozapine clinic consumer questionnaire (PDF 42KB)

Clozapine consumer information brochure (PDF 433KB)

Clozapine guidelines for carers and support persons (PDF 305KB)

Shared care pathways (PDF 360KB)

Resources for clinicians

Off label use Atropine Eye Drops Fact sheet (PDF 252KB)