Information for people prescribed clozapine and their carers/support people

The brochures below provide people prescribed clozapine and their carers important information they need to know about the requirements of clozapine management. If you have any questions please speak with your clozapine coordinator, psychiatrist, or GP.


Constipation is a common problem that occurs with taking clozapine. It is important to keep your bowels regular.

For more information and advice:

Clozapine questionnaire

When attending for a clozapine review, the person prescribed clozapine will be asked to complete a clinic consumer questionnaire (PDF 42KB) regarding how they have been since their last appointment. Sharing this information about your health and wellbeing will provide you with better care. It also lets you know what you need to be aware of when managing your own health between visits.

Clozapine and temperature monitoring

If you have recently commenced clozapine, you are required to take your temperature every day for the first 28 days. Record your results using the Clozapine Temperature Monitoring template (PDF 232KB). Provide this information to the clozapine coordinator and/or doctor at each appointment.