Social Work Services at Noarlunga Hospital

Noarlunga Hospital (NH) patients and their families, who are receiving medical treatment can also access social work services.

Social workers can provide support related to your hospital admission: 

  • help with accommodation and residential aged care placement issues
  • support with grief and loss
  • assistance for people who are at risk of abuse or neglect
  • help for patients who are carers for a dependent person
  • referrals to community services/supports
  • advocacy
  • short term counselling
  • help with major life decisions which impact upon health
  • help for patients or family members experiencing distress due to a medical event or trauma
  • advise about financial concerns
  • problem solving for a safe discharge from hospital
  • help with family issues which impact upon health
  • counselling for patients attending the Family Advisory Unit
  • assistance with guardianship and administration orders

People accessing the NH Emergency Department can also access social work services for help with:

  • crisis intervention requiring short-term counselling or referral for issues such as homelessness and hospital avoidance
  • domestic violence
  • bereavement
  • assault (physical and sexual assault)
  • child abuse/elder abuse
  • unplanned pregnancy
  • trauma

A social work service is available to consumers attending the Noarlunga Hospital Renal Dialysis Unit.

Please note: People who aren't receiving treatment at NH can access help through Noarlunga GP Plus Super Clinic and Aldinga GP Plus Health Care Centre.

Contact details

Telephone:  (08) 8384 9233
Fax:  (08) 8384 9711