Virtual Clinical Care

Virtual Clinical Care (VCC)
Home Tele-Monitoring Service

About the VCC Service

The VCC service is an in-home monitoring and health coaching service designed for adults living with chronic disease such as respiratory, cardiac, diabetes and blood pressure related conditions.

The VCC service provides patients with specific equipment to use at home which monitors their daily condition/s. The equipment provided  is customised to each patient based on their condition.

The equipment may include:

  • blood pressure monitor
  • pulse oximeter
  • electronic weight scales
  • glucometer
  • thermometer

Patients are linked with a chronic disease registered nurse who provides remote monitoring and regular health coaching based on their unique condition and circumstances.

Who is suitable for home-monitoring?

  • Adults with a chronic disease such as respiratory, cardiac, diabetes and high blood pressure related conditions.
  • Patients who have a history of emergency visits and/or hospital admissions with exacerbations.
  • Patients who are capable of using simple monitoring equipment in the home.

Please note: VCC is NOT a 24/7 emergency monitoring service.


  • Increased capacity for early intervention through daily monitoring and response capabilities.
  • Reduced potentially preventable hospital admissions.
  • Reduce length of hospital stays.
  • Improved system integration between primary care and acute care.
  • Strengthened collaboration between clinicians, GPs and patients resulting from shared care planning.
  • Ability to support patients remotely.
  • Increased efficiency in care delivery.

Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health  
About the VCC Home Tele-Monitoring Service by Heather Leach

For patients 

What are the benefits for patients who are receiving VCC service?

  • You will be able to share your results with your doctor and health care team to help make decisions about your care.
  • You will receive support in the comfort of your home.
  • You will learn how to manage your condition better. 
  • You will be able to notice any changes in your condition which can be detected early to avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital.
  • The service is tailored to your health needs and daily routine


We accept referrals from nurses, doctors, allied health, health workers, carers and encourage self-referrals.

Please discuss the VCC Service with your doctor, nurse, or health professional if you believe this service will benefit your condition/s.

Once your referral has been received, a chronic condition nurse will contact you to discuss the VCC Service and the next steps to get started.

For more information about the VCC Service, please read the consumer brochure (PDF 258KB)

For health professionals

As a health professional, how can the VCC Service benefit my patients?

  • It complements the specialised care you provide by supporting patients to become partners in their own health.
  • It maintains positive behavioural change between clinic visits.
  • Early detection and management of symptoms before a hospital admission is required.
  • Coaching and goal setting is continued in the patient’s home.
  • Patients results are easily accessible, and reports are sent to you about your patient's progress. 

How can I refer my patient/s to the VCC Service?

To refer your patient to the VCC Service, you can print and complete the VCC Referral Form (PDF 709KB) and send it us via email at or you can fill in the electronic version of the VCC Referral Form (PDF 842KB) and send it to us at

Further information

For further information about VCC Services, please contact:
Rural Support Service
VCC Monitoring Hub
Telephone: 1300 678 182