Respiratory Masterclass Series

Managing COVID-19 in our Regional Communities

A webinar series of 11 education sessions running from 30 November 2021 to 31 March 2022 to support clinicians working in regional South Australia to manage COVID-19 patients in their communities.

COVID-19 Patient Management / Learnings from Victoria
30 November 2021

Session 1 of the Respiratory Masterclass Series: COVID-19 Patient Management Learnings from Victoria, a discussion about, variants, mutations, management and patient care in Victoria.

Presenter: Dr David Griffin
Infections Diseases Physician, COVID-19 Clinical Service Lead, Alfred Hospital.

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Respiratory Precautions / Personal Protective Equipment
2 December 2021

Session 2 of the Respiratory Masterclass Series: Personal Protective Equipment, a discussion of transmission precautions, mask styles, fit testing, donning and doffing, public and social measures – mask importance.

Presenter: Rebecca Newton-McLean
Acting Nursing Manager, Infection Prevention and Control, Rural Support Service,

Tom's Court Medi-Hotel
9 December 2021

Session 3 of the Respiratory Masterclass Series: Tom’s Court Medi-Hotel, a discussion about lessons learnt, identifying and managing deterioration in COVID positive patients and a virtual walk.

Presenter: Monique Anninos
Advanced Nursing Program Director, Tom’s Court & Nicole Clark, Advanced Nurse Unit Manager, Tom’s Court.

Monitoring of COVID-19 at home
16 December 2021 (3pm-4pm) 

Session 4 of the Respiratory Masterclass Series: Monitoring of COVID-19 at home, A presentation on monitoring of COVID-19 at home - notification, the referral process and model of care for regional South Australia.

Presenter: Rosy Tirimacco
Network Operations & Research Manager,
iCCnet, Rural Support Service.

Resource shared during the presentation:

Caring for a COVID positive patient. A doctor's perspective
18 January 2022 

Session 5 of the Respiratory Masterclass Series: Caring for a COVID positive patient. A doctors perspective, an in-depth discussion about ward management, deterioration and patient care at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Presenter: Lauren Fielke
COVID Inpatient Medical Lead, General Medicine Consultant, CALHN.

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COVID-19 Current Treatments
2 February 2022

Session 6 of the Respiratory Masterclass series: A detailed education session on the current COVID-19 treatments for patients with mild, moderate, severe and critical symptoms.

Presenter: Caitlin Wallace
Senior Pharmacist (Infectious Diseases), CALHN

COVID-19 Airway Clearance and Positioning for Optimal Function

17 February 2022

Session 7 of the Respiratory Masterclass series: A exploration of airway clearance and prone positioning in management of COVID-19  hospitalised patients.

Presenter: Annie Paras
Annie Paras, Clinical Senior Physiotherapist, LCLHN

Managing COVID-19
22 February 2022

Session 8 of the Respiratory Masterclass series: A discussion about the management of COVID-19 across the illness spectrum

Presenter: Dr Anand Rose
Director, Respiratory & Sleep Services, SALHN

Long COVID illness, deconditioning and rehabilitation
1 March 2022

Session 9 of the Respiratory Masterclass series: Long COVID illness, deconditioning and rehabilitation.

Presenter: Nicholas Martin
Physiotherapist, Pulmonary Rehabilitation & Palliative Care, SALHN

COVID-19 Palliative Care

16 March 2022

Session 10 of the Respiratory Masterclass series: An exploration of COVID-19 Palliative Care

Presenter: Dr Peter Allcroft
Palliative Care Consultant, Flinders Medical Centre and Senior Palliative Care Clinical Lead, Rural Support Service.

Addressing psychosocial issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic

31 March 2022

Session 11 of the Respiratory Masterclass series: An in-depth discussion of the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic including isolation, loss of income, fear, and concerns about mental health.

Presenters: Chrissy Eletheriadis, Clinical Senior Social Worker, Berri
                    Suzanne Ebert,
Clincal Senior Social Worker, Gawler/Barossa
                    Emily Burrows,
Clinical Senior Social Worker, Mount Barker