Public health services

Public health is about promoting health and wellbeing, preventing illness and protecting communities from hazards in the environment.

This is achieved through developing and administering public health legislation, education, community action, promotion of healthy lifestyles, prevention of disease and injury and monitoring and managing environmental health risks to ensure clean water, sanitation and a safe food supply.

SA Health develops policy and administers public health legislation in collaboration with government agencies, local government, industry and professional organisations.

To find out more about public and environmental health and communicable disease control visit the Public Health website. This website contains information on the following topics:

Environmental health

Environmental hazard management, waste treatment systems, water quality, public health pests, hygiene, Port Pirie Lead project, skin piercing and tattooing safety and tobacco control.

Food safety and nutrition

A collection of information is available on food, food safety and nutrition. See the below:

General food information, including:

  • healthy eating advice
  • how to keep food safe
  • additives and food labelling
  • initiatives and programs
  • food allergies and intolerances
  • health eating information

Food businesses, industry and local government requirements, including:

Communicable disease control

Information about prevention, diagnosis and management of infectious diseases, notifiable disease list and information, infection control and hand hygiene.

Download Notifiable Disease Form (PDF 81KB)


Resources for immunisation providers, program documents, immunisation calculator, schedules, vaccine safety, vaccine preventable diseases.

Infection control

Resources for health professionals, health care associated infection, infection control information for the public, hand hygiene and wash, wipe cover information.

Drugs and poisons

Resources on drugs, poisons and pesticides licensing, fees, toxicology, scientific services, exposure to hazardous chemicals, contaminated sites.

Prescribing and supply programs

Resources for health professionals on prescribing and supply programs including the Highly Specialised Drugs Program (HSDP), Community Pharmacy Public Sector Clozapine Program, other section 100 drug supply programs and the Emergency and Life-saving Drugs Register.