Medicines and drugs

Information and resources for healthcare professionals to:

  • enrich knowledge relating to medicines and their safe and appropriate use
  • guide and support best clinical practice in accordance with relevant legislation, policies, guidelines and standards
  • enhance medication safety and the quality use of medicines
  • assist with patient care and promote optimal health outcomes.

SA Health’s Medicines and Technology Programs branch is responsible for medicines policy, programs, strategic advice and governance within the South Australian public sector in association with number of statewide strategic medicines committees.

Prescribing methods

Electronic prescribing

Electronic prescriptions enable the prescribing and dispensing of medicines without the need for a paper prescription.

Serious shortage medicine substitution

Pharmacists may substitute a prescribed medicine that is in serious shortage for another medicine, in accordance with certain conditions and under a Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Serious Shortage Medicine Substitution Notice.

Storage of pentobarbital injection

New regulations in effect from 4 June 2021 will require that the Schedule 4 drug, pentobarbital injection be stored in a locked container to prevent unauthorised access.

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