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This site contains the South Australian Clinical Prioritisation Criteria (CPC) for most frequently referred neurology conditions. 

Neurology conditions

Please note this is not an exhaustive list of all conditions for outpatient services and does not exclude consideration for referral unless specifically stipulated in the neurology exclusions section.

Out of scope

Not all conditions require the development of CPC. Specialist services for which CPC are not required may include:

  •  referral criteria for ‘Vertigo’ can be found in the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) CPC


Not all services are appropriate to be seen in the South Australian public health system. Exceptions are possible where clinically indicated. The following are not routinely provided in a public specialist outpatient service:

  • active work cover claims – consider referral to a private neurologist
  • patients ≥ 65 years old requiring assessment/treatment of multiple complex medical problems – consider referral to geriatric medicine
  • patients requiring assessment/treatment of sleep disorders, including narcolepsy – consider referral to sleep medicine
  • patients requiring assessment/treatment for back or neck pain without abnormal neurological examination - consider physiotherapy and/or referral to spinal clinic
  • patients requiring assessment/treatment for complex/longstanding pain disorders – consider referral to chronic pain specialist services after reviewing HealthPathways SA
  • patients referred solely for the purpose of assessment of fitness to drive in the setting of physical neurological disability or cognitive impairment. Consider referral to a private Occupational Therapist or a public Driving Assessment Clinic. Country Referral Unit can provide advice for patients not within metropolitan Adelaide.
  • patients requiring assessment/treatment for vague non-specific symptoms - consider referral to general physician if additional evaluation beyond primary care setting required
  • public neurology clinics do not routinely offer appointments to patients seeking a second opinion for a condition already seen by the same specialty within the same or another Local Health Network (with the exception of patients who have moved to a new catchment area or patients transferring from paediatric health services due to their age). Such referrals will be considered, but, are highly unlikely to be accepted. Alternatively, a referral can be made to a private neurologist.

Emergency information

See the individual condition pages for more specific emergency information.


To provide feedback regarding the Clinical Prioritisation Criteria or to enquire about the project, please email us at  Health.CPC@sa.gov.au.


The Neurology CPC is due for review in June 2024.