This site contains the South Australian Clinical Prioritisation Criteria (CPC) for most frequently referred endocrinology conditions.

Endocrinology conditions

Please note this is not an exhaustive list of all conditions for outpatient services and does not exclude consideration for referral unless specifically stipulated in the endocrinology exclusions section.

Out of scope

Not all medical conditions are covered by the CPC, as certain conditions may be considered out of scope or managed by other specialist services:

  • referrals for youth with gender dysphoria/transgender should be sent to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital (WCH) Child and Adolescent Gender Health Service
  • diabetic foot ulceration – refer to Vascular High-Risk Foot - adult CPC
  • renal bone disease – refer to nephrology
  • suspected or confirmed thyroid nodule malignancy - refer to Breast and Endocrine
  • transgender medicine – refer to the statewide service via fax (08) 8161 2591

Exclusions for public specialist outpatient services

Not all endocrinology conditions are appropriate for referral into the South Australian public health system. The following are not routinely provided in a public specialist outpatient service:

  • age-appropriate osteopenia without fracture/s
  • children with a thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) < 10 mU/L without
    • a normal free thyroxine (FT4) or
    • positive anti-thyroid peroxidase (anti-TPO) antibodies
  • clinically stable hypothyroidism
  • dietary advice for weight reduction, high cholesterol, hypertension or cardiovascular disease (CVD) for individuals with diabetes
  • exogenous obesity without co-morbidities where lifestyle modification measures have not been trialled
  • hypothyroidism without cardiac disease or pregnant women, and where thyroxine treatment is contraindicated without first-line management
  • impaired glucose tolerance or impaired fasting glucose
  • metabolic bone disease, when the person’s life expectancy is less than 6 months
  • newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes and not acutely unwell
  • osteopaenia without fracture or complications
  • osteoporosis on bone mineral density (BMD) without fracture
  • osteoporosis without first-line management
  • postmenopausal osteoporosis where:
    • treatment has not been initiated and no explanation for not initiating treatment has been provided, or

Emergency information

See the individual condition pages for more specific emergency information.


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The Endocrinology CPC will be reviewed in:

  • adult conditions February 2025
  • paediatric conditions June 2025.

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