Dental care

Good oral health is important to overall health and wellbeing.

A healthy mouth has a positive impact on physical, mental and social wellbeing. The health of our teeth and mouth is linked to overall health and wellbeing in a number of ways.

Poor oral health can affect a person's quality of life. Oral pain, missing teeth or oral infections can influence the way a person speaks, eats and socialises.

Oral health problems can affect a person's physical, mental and social wellbeing.

There is also an association between oral disease and other health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke, respiratory illness in older adults, as well as pre-term and low birth-weight babies.

Dental care is important because it can help to prevent tooth decay and gum disease, while improving overall health.

Visit the SA Dental website for more information about common dental health conditions and ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy.