Sunrise EMR & PAS, SA Health’s electronic medical record

SA Health is committed to protecting and improving the health of all South Australians by providing leadership in public health services (PDF 598KB), health and medical research, and policy development and planning.

Community wellbeing, illness prevention, early intervention and quality care are priorities for SA Health.

SA Health, by expanding its patient electronic medical record system to include more public hospitals and healthcare sites throughout the state, is demonstrating its commitment to improving health care delivery in South Australians.

SA Health's electronic medical record - Sunrise EMR & PAS

The patient electronic medical record used in South Australia is a state-based system called Sunrise EMR & PAS (Sunrise EMR).

Sunrise EMR is used at many of the state’s public hospitals and healthcare facilities where it replaces the need for paper-based medical record documents, and provides many benefits to patients (PDF 226KB) and healthcare professionals (PDF 172KB).

Visit a link to find out more about Sunrise EMR, and to access resources:

Sites using the electronic medical record

The Sunrise system is currently active at a number of public healthcare sites:

Further healthcare sites are in scope to come online in the future.

Further information

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