The Office for Research (OfR) is positioned under the Chief Medical Officer within the Clinical System Support & Improvement division, SA Department for Health and Wellbeing. The OfR was established in 2016 to provide coordination and oversight of health and medical research strategy and policy for SA Health.

Main functions

The main functions of the OfR are to:

  • develop and implement research policy across the South Australian public health system, including the SA Health Research Ethics and Governance policies
  • work collaboratively with the local Health Network (LHN) research offices to support shared priorities, including research ethics and governance policies, standards and procedures
  • support State and Commonwealth government priorities in health and medical research, including opportunities to attract research funding to South Australia
  • support streamlining and improved coordination of research in South Australia around key priority areas, including clinical trials
  • support and initiate training and development activities for SA Health staff linked with health and medical research
  • lead the procurement, implementation and ongoing support for SA Health’s research management system
  • represent SA Health on relevant national committees and groups to collaborate and coordinate improvements to the health and medical research sector, including clinical trials
  • provide strategic advice and briefings to the Chief Executive, Minister and other stakeholders linked with health and medical research
  • provide executive support for the Department of Health and Wellbeing Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC).

Get in touch

To obtain more information about medical research, including clinical trials or the Office for Research (OfR) and its activities please contact us.

Office for Research, SA Department for Health and Wellbeing.
Telephone: (08) 8226 7235

For the email address and phone number of your LHN’s Office for Research, please consult SA Health’s research office contact details. If you are involved in clinical trials and would like to know more about becoming involved in teletrials, please consult the SA Health Teletrials webpage and get in touch. We are here to help!

Australian Teletrial Program - South Australia (ATP-SA)