Video conferencing with Cisco Webex Teams

Cisco Webex Teams is a free software application that can be downloaded onto your computer, tablet or smartphone to enable access to telehealth services. Once installed, Cisco Webex Teams allows health professionals to use the SA Health Digital Telehealth Network to securely connect with you for consultations, assessments and therapy.

You will need a suitable home internet connection with sufficient data allowance for video calls.

Checking your internet connection

Go to the Cisco Webex Teams Network Test page to check your connection. Your usual internet service provider fees and charges apply. Video calls use approximately 3 megabytes of data per minute.

Note: The Test page is only compatible with Google Chrome.

Installing and testing Cisco Webex Teams

Usage of Cisco Webex Teams is at the consumer's own risk. SA Health takes no responsibility for using the freely available application on your device. Please seek independent advice before downloading and installing this application on any of your devices.

Downloading Cisco Webex Teams

  • computer or laptop - download and install the desktop version of Cisco Webex Teams and follow the instructions. 
  • iPad/Tablet or Smartphone - download the application from the iTunes or Google Play store and follow the instructions.


During the installation process, you will be prompted to test your webcam, speakers and microphone for compatibility. Once installed, you or your carer can register on Cisco Webex Teams free of charge by using your email address.You can then telephone the relevant health service to arrange for your appointment to be delivered via video conferencing (telehealth).

The latest version of Cisco Webex Teams connects calls with sound only (the video image is disabled). Please contact your health service for support with enabling the video function.

Further information

For further information on the Digital Telehealth Network, email or see the Telehealth web page.