Fertility services

The Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act 1988 sets out the circumstances in which a person (or couple) can access assisted reproductive treatment at a registered clinic in South Australia.

For a list of registered South Australian providers, see below.


Access to treatment in South Australia is based on specific criteria and clinical need. Assisted reproductive treatment cannot be provided to a woman who has reached the average age of menopause.

A person (or couple) can access treatment at a registered clinic:

  • If the woman or her partner are, or appear to be, infertile.
    This usually means at least 12 months of unprotected intercourse or an inability to carry a pregnancy to term. To determine infertility, a clinic will normally undertake tests on both the woman and her partner (if any).
  • If there is a risk that a serious genetic defect, disease or illness would be transmitted to a child conceived naturally.
    You will need to contact your GP, an assisted reproductive treatment clinic or a genetic specialist to see if you qualify under this criterion.
  • If a woman’s deceased partner/spouse has left written instructions/directions that his sperm could be used for the benefit of his widow to conceive a child (posthumous use of sperm or embryos) - conditions apply
  • For the purposes of a recognised surrogacy agreement.
  • In the event of future infertility as a result of a serious medical condition/disease or from the treatment for the condition itself
    (for example chemotherapy which may render a person infertile)

For more information on eligibility, including assessment for eligibility, see the Access to ART at a registered clinic in South Australia fact sheet (PDF 95KB).

Assisted Reproductive Treatment Provider Register

The Assisted Reproductive Treatment Provider Register contains information about registered assisted reproductive treatment providers in South Australia and the conditions of their registration.

Pursuant to the Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act, the Minister approves the registered providers in South Australia and maintains the Assisted Reproductive Treatment Provider Register.

This register does not contain information about individuals receiving treatment.

Further information

For more information on assisted reproductive treatment, see the following:

See the Disclaimer For Assisted Reproductive Treatment Information.