Working and volunteering with Port Augusta Hospital and Health Service

Our hospital and health service have around 400 staff who provide high-quality patient care, education, research and health promoting services to the community.

Our staff are employed in a variety of roles including administrative, allied health, nursing and midwifery, managerial, medical, operational, research and ancillary.

For further information about employment opportunities, go to the Work with us page.


Port Augusta Hospital and Regional Health Service wishes to acknowledge the many volunteers who give their time to provide services to the hospital. Volunteers are valuable members of our hospital team providing support across all areas. Hospital volunteers can be recognised by their identification badges.

For further information about volunteer opportunities, go to the Work with us page.

Wildflower Volunteers

This is a free service in which volunteers assist patients with a range of activities to make their stay in hospital a more positive experience.

These activities may include:

  • playing cards, games or puzzles for mental stimulation
  • reading books, magazines or newspapers to patients with poor vision or physical impairment
  • providing company by just sitting and talking to patients
  • taking patients for short walks within hospital grounds
  • pampering patients - hair, nails, makeup, massaging hands or feet
  • providing company for patients from out of town or those who may not have support from family or friends whilst in hospital.

These are just a few of the activities available. For further information or to access the program please contact nursing staff.