Medical Ambulatory Care Service (MACS) at Noarlunga Hospital

The Medical Ambulatory Care Service (MACS) was created to meet the needs of patients requiring emergency access to medical care but who can be managed safely in the community, avoiding admission to a hospital bed.

MACS is provided from Noarlunga Hospital.

Note: does not replace the Metropolitan Referral Unit or Hospital @ Home.


Call the MACS number 0466 439 479 during operational hours.

GPs can save and import the following templates into their systems:

MACS Referral template - Medical Director
MACS Referral template - Best Practice
MACS Referral template - Zed Med

Facts sheets
Importing template into Medical Director - fact sheet (PDF 55KB)
Importing template into Best Practice - fact sheet (PDF 55KB)
Importing template into Zed Med - fact sheet (PDF 55KB)

Contact details

Dirk Hofmann - Director of Medical Ambulatory Care Services
Telephone: 0466 439 479
Fax: (08) 8488 6037
Hours: 8.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday