Visit the Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre

Visitor guidelines and requirements

See Visitor guidelines on the CALHN website.

Visiting hours for approved visitors

Visiting hours are 2.30 pm to 8.00 pm, as rehabilitation therapy occurs throughout the day. Please speak to the nursing staff about the best time for you to visit.

If you are to visit outside these times, please negotiate with the nurse in charge.

It is important that visitors leave by 8.30 pm to ensure patients / clients have adequate rest, unless this has been arranged with the staff. Please observe any request by staff, regarding leaving the ward at any time.

Getting there

If you are travelling to the Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre by bus see the Adelaide Metro website for bus timetables and routes.

Car parking

If you are travelling by car, parking is available onsite and rates are payable by the hour. A free short-term drop off and pick-up area is available near the main building.

If you are a volunteer or have to attend the hospital for frequent clinical reasons you can apply for a fee exemption.

For more information on car parking fees and exemptions:

Disabled access

The hospital is accessible for wheelchairs. Car parking spaces for people with disability permits are available in all patient and visitor car parks.


For patients and visitors needing accommodation there are many suitable options close to the hospital. Get more information about accommodation:

Please note: no responsibility is taken for information contained on external sites. 

Public Wi-Fi

People who visit a number of SA Health sites will now have access to free Wi-Fi. For more information, go to the Public Wi-Fi page.