New Paediatric Emergency Department at FMC

06 July 2021

(Southern Health News, June 2021)

The project to upgrade the ED forms part of $86 million Southern Health Expansion Plan (SHEP) involving a series of service moves that will boost health services in the south. 

The finished paediatric space marks the completion of the first phase of the ED project and includes 13 refurbished treatment spaces, better separation from adult areas and new equipment to ensure staff have the right tools to continue providing high quality care. 

The completion of the paediatric ED also means that construction on the next phase of the project can commence, which will create a refurbished ‘See and Treat’ area for adults. The staggered approach of the project is intended to limit the impact on the ED’s capacity much as possible. 

Clinical Director of Emergency Services SALHN, Dr Andrew Blyth, said the paediatric ED has been designed and built specifically to provide an optimal environment for treating children and adolescents, including better separation from adult treatment areas. 

“The expansion of the ED, including the Paediatric space, will significantly increase access to treatment spaces for all patients presenting to the ED and is part of ongoing work to minimise the wait time and improve care for patients attending the ED,” Dr Blyth said. 

“We are looking forward to welcoming our patients, family and friends into the new paediatric space which will provide high quality care in a more modern and fit for purpose environment. 

“This is an exciting time for health in the south and we appreciate the understanding of both staff and patients during this time as we work extremely hard to continue the delivery of high-quality care in a more modern environment, despite the minor disruptions throughout the construction period."