About Adelaide Dental Hospital

The Adelaide Dental Hospital is moving to North Terrace on 26 June 2017. See our frequently asked questions for more information.

Specialist dental services 

The Adelaide Dental Hospital provides specialist dental services which can only be accessed by referral from a Community or School Dental Service clinic. Some clients may be offered care through a private dental specialist. Fees and waiting times apply.

Specialist Services include:

  • tooth removal
  • surgical procedures of the mouth and jaws (oral and maxillofacial surgery)
  • treatment of irregularities in the teeth and jaws (orthodontics)
  • root canal treatment (endodontics)
  • diseases of the gums (Periodontics)
  • dentures (removal prosthodontics)
  • crowns and bridges (fixed and removable prosthodontics)
  • special needs dentistry for medically, physically and intellectually disabled patients.

General services are available at the hospital by referral from a Community Dental Service clinic. Services include:

  • check ups (examination and prevention)
  • cleaning (examination and prevention)
  • fillings
  • root canal treatment (simple endodontics)
  • simple fixed and removable dentures, crowns and bridges (prosthodontics)
  • simple tooth removal.

Dental care provided by students

Students (under the supervision of qualified dentists) provide dental treatment at the Adelaide Dental Hospital and other locations. Metropolitan clients may be asked to attend the hospital to have their care provided by students. You will always be advised if a student is treating you. Clients refusing an offer of care with a student may have their offer of treatment withdrawn but can still access waiting list and emergency care. Fees and waiting times usually apply. Staff will discuss any fees with you prior to your treatment.

Dental care for clients with special needs

SA Dental provides a range of services for adult clients with special needs. 

Community Dental Service clinics may refer adult clients with physical and/or intellectual disabilities to the Special Needs Unit at the Adelaide Dental Hospital.

Eligible adults with complex medical conditions which impact on oral health, including HIV or Hepatitis C may have their dental treatment provided at the Special Needs unit at the Adelaide Dental Hospital. Services can only be accessed following referral from a Community Dental Service clinic or some medical providers.

Clients who are house-bound, or residents of aged care facilities and experience difficulty attending a clinic can access our Domiciliary Care Service. Services are limited and are accessed by referral from Domiciliary Care Services or a medical practitioner. For more information, phone Domiciliary Care Unit - Northern on 7485 4000 or Domiciliary Care Unit - Southern on 7425 8400.

Prisoners can access dental care. Contact prison health personnel for information.

Emergency dental care

The Adelaide Dental Hospital provides emergency dental services for eligible adults. In the first instance, you will need to contact your local Community Dental Service clinic, view the SA Dental clinic page to find your local dental clinic.  

Disabled access

The Adelaide Dental Hospital is easily accessible and caters for people with disabilities. 

For all enquiries contact:

Telephone: 1300 008 222