School kitchen in Millicent

Two children in a kitchen

Applying organisation:

Millicent North Primary School

Towns/communities where project is situated:


Grant purposes:

To build capacity of the community to provide learning opportunities in cooking healthier meals for children and families.

Target population:

Students attending Millicent North Primary School as well as youth and senior residents within Millicent and Wattle Range Council Area.

External partner and their role:

Stephanie Alexander Foundation: will contribute their expertise in the evaluation plan of pre and post data collection process. They will also provide guidance through the process to ensure the kitchen is meeting the needs of students and their families.

Project overview:

Expansion of existing canteen space into the shelter shed that aims to be repurposed as a canteen and classroom kitchen where students and families can learn and develop skills to prepare safe and nutritious meals. It will contain workbenches with stove and sink set throughout the space for students and their families to prepare and cook food produce harvested from the school grounds as well as the local community.

Students and families will be taught the necessity of eating fresh, healthy food and the impact a nutritious diet will have on their general physical, emotional and mental health by their chef and the class teachers.

( Photo courtesy of Millicent North Primary School )