Mid-Murray School Holiday Wellbeing Camps and Family Day

Children playing in a tree branch structure

Applying organisation:

KickStart for Kids

Towns/communities where project is situated:

Mid-Murray Council region

Grant purposes:

To increase knowledge and skills in making healthier lifestyle choices, build awareness of connected self to culture and country that affects physical and mental health as well as improve social and emotional learning.

Target population:

Children and families of Mid-Murray Council community region.

External partner and their role:

Life Education: will support the development of the program and facilitate delivery of evidence-based preventive health education to make better choices to children attending the camp. They will also provide resources such as The Life Education Mobile Learning Tent and program mascot (Healthy Harrold) will be housed at the camp and provide a unique, innovative and engaging learning environment.

Project overview:

The project will develop two School Holiday Wellbeing Camps program focused on providing preventive health education to teach children skills and strategies to make better health choices and decisions as they become adolescents and move into adulthood.

Students will receive training from educators across learning modules on making healthier lifestyle choices in relation to physical activity, nutrition, alcohol and tobacco as well as awareness of self-connection to culture and country that have an impact on their physical and mental health. A Family Day will be held at the end of the two camps where students will share their learnings with their families and kinship groups.

( Photo courtesy of KickStart for Kids )