Better Health for all Ages in Macclesfield

A photograph of Davenport Square - Macclesfield


Applying organisation:

Macclesfield Community Association (MCA)

Towns/communities where project is situated:


Grant purposes:

To increase accessibility to physical activities, improve social connection and strengthen mental health of the community by improving the facilities in Davenport Square

Target population:

Older adults, children and members of the Macclesfield community.

External partner and their role:

Heart Foundation: will provide expert advice on program design, measurement and evaluation. They will also support setting up the walking groups through the Heart Foundation Walking program and provide evidence-based solutions from Healthy Active by Design to assist with the planning and implementation of the project.

Project overview:

The project will build infrastructure improvements including a new walking path, installation of outdoor exercise equipment and seating, as well as establish healthy living programs such as walking groups, exercise classes and tree planting.

The project will engage both older adults (through the Men’s Shed and Young at Heart Club) and children (through the Macclesfield Primary School) as well as enhance the main park in Macclesfield as a place for healthy community activities and connections.

( Photo courtesy of the Macclesfield Community Association )