Akurra Trail: Leigh Creek Multi-Use Trail Upgrade and Healthy Lifestyle Program, SA Healthy Towns Challenge Grant Winner 2019/20


Applying organisation:

Leigh Creek Community Progress Association

Towns/communities where project is situated:

Leigh Creek

Grant purposes:

To address the lack of outdoor sporting and recreation opportunities in Leigh Creek and promote the use of the Akurra trail to improve health and social wellbeing outcomes.

Target population:

Aboriginal population of the Leigh Creek Area School (which also includes students living in Copley and Nepabunna), with the broader population of Leigh Creek also included in the trail launch and encouraged to participate in activities.

External partner and their role:

University of Adelaide – Mobile Language Team: will work closely with the Adnyamathanha Elders and Leigh Creek Area School to create cultural signage and deliver the language revival component.

Bikes SA – Bikes Palya: will deliver a healthy lifestyles program to students and staff, based on cycling activities and provide 10 recycled and rebuilt bikes for the community.

Project overview:

The project aims to address a lack of outdoor sporting and recreation opportunities in Leigh Creek.  Through the promotion of the re-developed Akurra multi-use trail, the project will improve health and social wellbeing for the Leigh Creek Aboriginal youth and broader community by providing opportunities to participate in culturally engaging and physically active recreational activities.

A Healthy Lifestyles Program will be delivered at the Leigh Creek Area School and will encourage Aboriginal students and town residents to explore the trail, experience its associated dreaming stories in traditional language, and engage in a healthy outdoors lifestyle. The workshops will also include bike maintenance and silk screening.

Upgrades to the trail will include building Adnyamathanha language and cultural signage that highlights the track and builds up the linguistic and cultural significance of the landscape surrounding the trail and the local region.

(Photo courtesy of Leigh Creek Community Progress Association)