A healthy brekky is easy as PEEL POUR and POP!

We all know a healthy brekky is important for kids and parents

A father with his daughter holding a piece of toast

It provides a great start to the day and helps kids’ learning and concentration.

It also provides plenty of vitamins and minerals your kids need for a healthy body.

Help your kids to get ready for a healthy brekky

Sometimes it can take a little while before kids and their appetites wake up in the morning. To give your kids the best chance of enjoying a healthy brekky, encourage kids to:

  • limit snacks after dinner
  • go to bed earlier
  • wake up in plenty of time for kindy, school or other activities
  • turn off the TV in the mornings
  • eat breakfast with you.

Mornings can be busy

A healthy brekky can take as little as five minutes to make and kids love to get involved so:

  • agree to a few healthy brekky options that kids can choose from
  • encourage kids to make or choose their own brekky
  • get ready for the morning by putting out plates, bowls and cutlery the night before
  • peel a banana, pour milk on cereal, pop grainy bread in the toaster.

A healthy brekky is great for you too!

Parents play an important role in encouraging kids to enjoy a healthy brekky.

Enjoy a healthy brekky with your kids to:

  • set a good example so they are more likely to enjoy the same healthy brekky choices
  • ensure they have made a good start to the day for concentrating, learning and having fun.

What is a healthy brekky?

A bowl of wheet bix with milk and sliced banana

With all the breakfast cereals around and all the clever marketing it can be confusing at the supermarket. Some cereals can contain a lot of added sugar! By stocking up on healthy options, there will be lots of good choices at home that are also good value for money.

Some healthy brekky cereals with low sugar, low salt and high fibre include:

  • wheat biscuits such as Sanitarium Weet-Bix, Uncle Tobys Vita Brits or home brand wheat biscuits
  • porridge made from any plain rolled oats or quick cooking oats
  • Kellogg’s Sultana Bran
  • Kellogg’s Mini-Wheats
  • Uncle Tobys Weeties.

Disclaimer: This is not a complete list of available healthier cereals but are examples only.

A healthy brekky can be more than cereal. 

  • plain or toasted wholegrain or fruit breads
  • fresh, frozen or tinned fruit in natural juice
  • proteins such as baked beans, eggs, reduced-fat milks, yoghurts and cheese.


PEEL a banana, orange or mandarin

PEEL the lid off yoghurt#

PEEL the shell off a boiled egg

POUR milk# onto cereal

POUR milk# into a glass

POUR yoghurt# onto your fruit

POP grainy bread into the toaster

POP fruit on top of your cereal

POP fruit bread onto a plate

# Choose full fat milk for under 2 year olds, reduced-fat milk for 2 to 5 year olds, reduced-fat or skim milk for over 5 year olds and choose low-fat yoghurt and reduced-fat cheese.