In South Australia, rapid antigen tests are used as a test to diagnose COVID-19. This means that if you test positive using a rapid antigen test, your result does not need to be confirmed with a PCR test.

Report your positive rapid antigen test result. Reporting your rapid antigen test result helps with providing an understanding of cases in the community and also helps you to identify if you are eligible for COVID-19 treatments.

Report a positive result

Accessing free rapid antigen tests

All South Australians are currently able to access 5 free rapid antigen tests from selected RAT Collection Points across the state.

This will help South Australians to access testing during the current COVID-19 wave.

You do not need to register before collecting your free rapid antigen tests.

A mask will be required when accessing free rapid antigen tests from RAT Collection Points. Avoid attending if you have COVID-19 symptoms.

Find a collection point below.

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Find a RAT collection point

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Reporting your result

If you test positive using a rapid antigen test, report your result using the online form

If you don’t have a mobile phone with internet access, you can report your result by calling the Communicable Disease Control Branch on 1300 232 272.

You can also report negative and invalid test results using the online form to help provide a full picture of rates of COVID-19 testing in the state.

Can rapid antigen tests be used on children?

Rapid antigen tests should not be used on children under 2.

Children under 12 years of age should be tested by an adult. Do not conduct this test and get a PCR test if you do not feel confident testing a child.

Adolescents aged 12 to 17 years can test themselves and report with adult supervision. An adult may conduct the test as necessary.

You can report a positive result on behalf of another person, however, you must provide their information.

What kind of rapid antigen test should I use?

For your own safety you should only use a self-test kit that has been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). The TGA website has a list of all home use tests approved by the TGA, along with manufacturer’s instructions for the test.

A consumer fact sheet is available on the TGA website.

More detailed information on rapid antigen self-tests can be found on the TGA website.

How do I store and dispose of rapid antigen tests?

Store the test kit in a cool and dry space. Refer to the test kit instructions.

Disposal will vary according to information provided with the test instructions. Some tests come with a plastic bag to dispose of the content (including the swab).

If no bags are provided, place the used items from the test into a small plastic bag that can be sealed.

Test kit materials are not recyclable.

Wash your hands carefully before and after using the test and disposing of the test kit contents.

Information for business and industry

Rapid antigen tests are being used in many businesses and industries as a workplace surveillance tool to screen people who do not have COVID-19 symptoms.

Read more on Rapid antigen testing information for industry.