Occupations at risk of vaccine preventable diseases

Certain occupations, particularly those related to healthcare, are associated with an increased risk of some vaccine-preventable diseases or infections that may be prevented by being immunised. Employees who are sick can pass on the disease to others who are more susceptible. For susceptible people, it can cause serious health complications.

These diseases can include:

Occupations at risk

Specific vaccination recommendations for people at occupational risk are available in the Australian Immunisation Handbook.

People in certain roles need to consider their work activities to ensure that they are appropriately protected.

Health care workers

All health care workers (HCWs) including those working in remote Aboriginal communities in South Australia. See information on the HCW immunisation requirements in South Australia.

Other occupations

  • people who work in childhood education and care
  • carers
  • emergency and essential services workers
  • laboratory workers
  • people who work with specific communities
  • people who work with animals
  • other people exposed to human tissue, body fluids or sewage.

Accessing the vaccines

To receive any of the recommended vaccines, please contact your doctor, local council or community health centre to arrange an appointment. For further information on vaccine providers, see the Immunisation services page.

Individuals will need to establish whether the recommended vaccines will be self or employer funded. There may be a cost for the vaccines and also a cost for the appointment with the immunisation provider.

Further information

For further information on vaccines and immunisation programs please contact your local doctor, immunisation provider or refer to the Australian Immunisation Handbook.