Falls and preventing harm from falls

Did you know that every day about 47 older people are admitted to an SA public hospital injured after a fall? Read more about how many South Australians are affected by falls (PDF 147KB). Falls don’t have to be an inevitable part of ageing. Learn what you can do to keep safe and independent (PDF 150KB).

How safe are you from falling? Falls prevention self-screen checklist

People who are active and look after their health and their home are protecting themselves against the risk of falls. You may not know if you are at risk. Early detection of falls risk is important to avoid injury and keep your independence and mobility.

If you are over 50 please take a couple of minutes to complete the Are you at risk of falling? Self-screen checklist (PDF 119KB). It will give you a guide as to how safe you are from falling, and the areas of your health that might need your attention. If you have osteoporosis, your risk of injury may be higher.

This checklist is not intended to indicate or assign a level of risk of falls to the individual.

Are you at risk of falling? Falls prevention self-screen checklist

Finding your local falls services

Please see falls prevention services.

If you are unsure, telephone 1300 0 FALLS (1300 0 32557) for information about services in the metropolitan area.

For regional SA services, please contact your local community health service for information about services that are available close to you.

Fact sheets

SA Health has produced a series of fact sheets related to the prevention of falls that area available on the Falls prevention fact sheets and posters page.


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