Medicines Access Programs

SA Health has specific requirements relating to participation in medicines access programs offered by the pharmaceutical industry to ensure patient care takes precedence, outlined in the policy directive, Medicines Access Programs (Expanded Access Programs and Product Familiarisation Programs) (PDF 129KB).

What are Medicines Access Programs?

Medicines Access Programs include all programs offered by the pharmaceutical industry to facilitate deferred cost, cost-free or subsidised access to medicines for public hospital patients (prior to PBS listing, or implementation of other relevant funding arrangements), such as Product Familiarisation Programs (PFPs) and Expanded Access Programs (EAPs), sometimes referred to as ‘Compassionate Use Programs’.


All Medicines Access Programs must be approved by the relevant hospital Drug and Therapeutics Committee and the consent and acknowledgement forms below must be completed and authorised prior to enrolment of any patients in the program. This is designed to allow public hospital doctors the opportunity to use where clinically appropriate, evaluate, and become familiar with, a medicine without putting patients or hospitals at risk of unexpected adverse health outcomes, inappropriate discontinuation of therapy or unanticipated costs at the cessation of a Program.


Please refer to the Medicines Access Programs (MAP) Policy Directive (PDF 587KB)

If you have any questions please contact the SAMAC Executive Officer.