State-wide Cancer Control Plan 2011-2015

The SA State-wide Cancer Control Plan 2011–2015 (PDF 2.5KB)  was developed as a guide to providing coordinated cancer control and care in SA.

The first plan, released in 2007, combined high-level aspirational targets with actions designed to prevent lifestyle-attributed cancers and improve the cancer journey for people diagnosed with cancer.

This new plan is, again, a collaborative effort between Cancer Council SA and the SA Cancer Clinical Network. 

The draft SA Cancer Plan 2018-2022 is under development, scheduled for release in 2018.


The SA Cancer Control Plan aims to:

  • reduce the incidence of cancer in SA’s population
  • improve the cancer journey for those diagnosed with cancer
  • increase long term survival after diagnosis.

The next phase of development is focused on consolidating the work that has already started and implementing newly-funded work which is currently in planning or design stages.

The cancer pathways developed by the Cancer Clinical Network, provide the framework for identifying and improving cancer outcomes.

South Australian Aboriginal Cancer Control Plan

The South Australian Aboriginal Cancer Control Plan (SAACCP) 2016 – 2021 (PDF 2MB) has been developed by SA Cancer Service (SACS) in collaboration with the Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia (ACHSA), Cancer Council SA and the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI).

This is the first standalone plan (formerly a Companion Document) designed to sit alongside the SCCP 2017 – 2021 to truly give recognition to the disparities in cancer outcomes for Aboriginal people in South Australia and SA’s strategic commitment to continue to close the gap. 

The SAACCP 2016-2021 has a particular focus on reducing preventable cancers, detecting cancer at an early stage and improving coordination and access to culturally sensitive care along Optimal Cancer Pathways.

Implementation of the SAACCP 2016-21 is planned to occur under the governance of a new SA Aboriginal Chronic Disease Consortium which will also oversee implementation of the SA Aboriginal Heart and Stroke and Diabetes plans.

South Australian Radiotherapy Service Plan

The South Australian Radiotherapy Service Plan 2014-2015 (PDF 511KB) was developed as a companion document to the State-wide Cancer Control Plan 2011–2015, following one of the principal recommendations of the Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council’s Radiation Oncology Jurisdictional Implementation Group that all Australian jurisdictions should have a strategic plan for radiotherapy that provides a framework for radiotherapy service delivery.

This Plan sets out the framework and direction required for South Australia to meet best practice radiotherapy service benchmarks, and provides guidance for the provision of radiotherapy services to ensure equitable access for all South Australians.

It is intended that this Plan will support the statewide and local planning and delivery of radiotherapy services to best meet the needs of people with cancer in South Australia.