We say farewell to Professor Sue O'Neill

29 June 2021

(Southern Health News, June 2021)

Professor O’Neill will leave SALHN at the end of June to begin a new phase of her career giving more dedicated focus to her life-long work in improving health care systems and her involvement in academic research.

‘This next step in her career will no doubt continue to positively serve South Australia, our citizens and our healthcare system,” said Mark Butcher, SALHN’s Governing Board Chair.

Professor O’Neill leaves behind a lasting legacy. She led SAHLN through National Accreditation, introduced the Integrated Management System (IMS), SALHN’s Strategic Direction Map and has managed to steer SALHN into a favourable budgetary position. 

Importantly, she also led SALHN during the COVID-19 pandemic as SALHN’s Commander in Chief of the Emergency Response using the award-winning IMS, which connects the wards all the way to the Board.

“Professor O’Neill has led SALHN with a sense of accountability, but more importantly with empathy and kindness and with our patient’s wellbeing central to every decision. Her tireless efforts and resilience have been pivotal to SALHN’s success. 

“We are a better organisation because of Professor O’Neill’s leadership and on behalf of the Board, I thank her for her service,” Mark said.