Elective Surgery during COVID-19

We acknowledge the disruption the necessary pause in elective surgery, which came into effect on 4 January, has had on patients and our community.

The reinstatement of elective surgery is recommencing across the State throughout February 2022, with a staged plan to gradually increase procedures over the next four weeks, while we continue to monitor the impact of resuming elective surgeries while still managing COVID patients.

The Government of South Australia has developed the below timetable of resuming elective surgery, subject to the local impact of COVID-19.

If your elective surgery at Modbury or Lyell McEwin Hospitals was cancelled due to the state pause, our administrative teams will be in contact with you to arrange a new date. Please be patient with us as we work through rescheduling all elective surgeries.

The Northern Adelaide Local Health Network thanks everyone who had their surgery postponed for their cooperation and understanding.