SA Health Procurement and Supply Chain Management (PSCM)

Procurement and Supply Chain Management (PSCM) are responsible for the overarching strategic planning governance and direction of the organisation’s spend and critical requirements for goods and services.

Services provided by PSCM

The role of PSCM includes the development of policies and processes to enable equitable access to appropriate goods and services across SA Health, ensuring value-for-money procurement outcomes and timely delivery of products and services to enable the delivery of safe, affordable and sustainable healthcare

Procurement and PSCM lead a centre-led model. This provides Local Health Networks and attached agencies autonomy to complete procurement processes and contract management, while adhering to SA Health and cross government policies.

PSCM ensure procurement functions align with the strategic needs of SA Health, through:

  • Development and management of the whole of agency contracts - and ensuring their greater use across the portfolio
  • Strategic management – the analysis of activity and trends, modelling and planning for future requirements
  • Partnering with health units to:
    • identify opportunities for future efficiencies and improvements
    • support a broad range projects and developments across the portfolio.

Contact PSCM

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