Working Together for Joined Up Policy resources

The 90-Day Project on Joined-up Policy Delivery identified 11 recommendations to strengthen collaboration on the government’s strategic policy imperatives. The final report and summary document provide details of the project process and outcomes.

The recommendations continue to be implemented as a partnership between the Department of the Premier and Cabinet and the Department for Health and Wellbeing. The Working Together: A Joined-up Policy Guide has been developed as an initial resource to support further implementation of the recommendations.


Final report

The Working Together for Joined up Policy Delivery Report: Creating better outcomes for South Australians through joined-up policy delivery (PDF 3MB) final report for the Joined-up policy delivery 90 Day Project provides an overview of the project, including a background around project process and governance, and details of the 11 project recommendations. The recommendations are presented under three overarching theme areas identified during the project as important for joined-up policy delivery: Governance and structure; Processes and tools; and People and recognition. In addition, the report highlights the factors critical to supporting joined-up policy delivery, based on the project’s literature review of joined-up policymaking around the world, and the findings of a survey of South Australian government policymakers.

Project summary

The Working Together for Joined up Policy Delivery: Project summary (PDF 1MB) includes summary of the public sector survey results and provides a high level overview of the 90 Day project process, the project recommendations, and results from the project survey of South Australian Government policy makers. The survey was conducted in 2015 to hear and understand the experiences of public sector staff in working together effectively and their perceived barriers and enablers for successful collaboration. Staff identified the most important behaviours and skills for improving cross agency collaboration. The Project Summary presents the survey findings in an infographics style

Policy guide

The Working Together: A Joined-Up Policy Guide (PDF 3MB) is a practical tool for anyone working in policy development in the public sector. It provides a practical framework for policy makers and their agencies to work together to deliver better policy and service outcomes to all South Australians. The Guide complements the Better Together Principles of Engagement guide as part of the State Government’s Reforming Democracy agenda.