Bringing emergency care to aged care residents

The SA Virtual Care Service (SAVCS) provides a virtual, personalised assessment of residents living in aged care homes. Aged care residents who may otherwise go to an emergency department for consultation, can receive timely clinical assessment in the comfort of their home. Our individualised service can coordinate the most appropriate pathway to care, often supporting people to stay in their residence or arranging care in their local community.

Virtual care is delivered by senior medical, nursing and paramedic staff working together to provide health navigation and virtual clinical consultation.

How does it work?

Your residential care team will use a dedicated smart device to link with a video call to our team, who will then provide a consultation. We will make decisions together with you, your family and your residential care team.

What are the advantages?

Residents receive an ED consultation at their residence and in most cases when appropriate, will be able to receive care without going to hospital. We provide many care options that are tailored to your needs and preferences.

What about after-care?

Our team can arrange follow up with appropriate clinicians, including appointments and scripts.

Is it lesser quality care?

No, SAVCS brings a qualified, senior clinician to you. Our doctor, nursing and paramedic team are staff from your emergency department, SA Ambulance Service and local health networks.

Are there any costs?

There are no costs for the virtual consult although after-care and pharmacy may incur an out-of-pocket expense.

How do facilities access the service?

Residential aged care staff use a dedicated tablet or smart phone with either our tile installed or scan the QR code to connect virtually with our clinicians.

The SA Virtual Care Service is accepting new residential aged care facility registrations to receive virtual care. Please contact us via to register your facility for access to Virtual Care.

SA Virtual Care explained for aged care teams