Yarrow Place Rape and Sexual Assault Service

Yarrow Place is the lead public health agency responding to rape and sexual assault in South Australia. Yarrow Place is a part of the Women's and Children's Health Network. A community service with a statewide mandate, Yarrow Place focuses to:

  • provide services to people who have been raped or sexually assaulted
  • provide a lead agency role in South Australia, which includes advocacy in relation to public policy development, planning and service delivery in the area of sexual violence against adults
  • build community capacity to respond to and prevent sexual assault through training and education.

Our services

Our clinical services are for:

  • people 16 years and over at the time of the sexual assault
  • their significant others (family and friends who want to support them)
  • young people 12-25 years under Guardianship (at time of referral) who are absconding from care and/or at risk of sexual exploitation.

Metropolitan services

  • A crisis response service for recent rape or sexual assault. This can include:
    • crisis counselling
    • advocacy (standing up for and supporting what the person wants to have happen)
    • helping the person to access supports and safety.
  • Medical care for victims of rape and sexual assault, which can include:
    • treatment for minor injuries
    • health checks for pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections
    • treatment for anxiety, sleeplessness, or other issues arising from the assault.
  • Collecting evidence from the body of the person who has been assaulted (forensic medical examinations for people who want to take legal action).

Regional and metropolitan services

  • Counselling for people who have been sexually assaulted, either recently or in the past, so long as they were 16 years or older at the time of the assault
  • Court preparation and support for people whose cases are going to court
  • Information, support and short-term counselling for families and friends of people who have been sexually assaulted, so that they can work through their own issues and provide better support to the person who was assaulted
  • Group work and seminar programs
  • Training and education programs for workers such as police, lawyers, doctors, nurses, social workers, youth workers and other health workers, and for tertiary students training to work in those areas
  • Consultancy and support for other workers - in emergency cases, telephone advice can be provided 24 hours a day.
  • Referral to other services as required


As well as these services, Yarrow Place undertakes projects in particular areas. These have included:

  • projects to improve the quality of services in country areas
  • prevention projects
  • research projects
  • a project to develop accredited training for workers
  • training and education programs for professionals and community members
  • projects to enhance outcomes for young people who are or have been under the Guardianship of the Minister.

Vision, mission and governance


Yarrow Place works towards a long-term vision as follows:

South Australia will have a coordinated and comprehensive response to rape and sexual assault and will work towards a society free of sexual violence.

Mission Statement

Yarrow Place works to prevent adult rape and sexual assault in South Australia and to assist those affected to address the effects of rape and sexual assault.

We seek to achieve our mission through:

  • a significant reduction in the impacts of rape, sexual assault and sexual exploitation through support and education;
  • a reduction in the negative impacts that systems (e.g. the health system, the legal system) may have on people who have been raped or sexually assaulted;
  • improved access to, and quality of, services and support for people who have been raped, sexually assaulted or sexually exploited;
  • increased community awareness and education on the topic of rape and sexual assault
  • increased community support for people who have been raped or sexually assaulted;
  • the challenging of attitudes and beliefs that support sexual violence through counselling, training and education;
  • collaboration with a range of services and the community;
  • the prevention of rape, sexual assault and sexual exploitation through a variety of projects, community engagement and training and education programs.


Yarrow Place is a government funded health service of the Women’s and Children’s Health Network. Some project funds are also received from other Departments and non-government sources. Our medical, counselling and Intensive Therapeutic Care services are free and confidential.

Contact Yarrow Place

To access a free and confidential service, please call us.

Toll-free in SA: 1800 817 421

Fax: (08) 8226 8778

Street address:
64 Pennington Terrace, North Adelaide, South Australia 5006

Postal address:
PO Box 620, North Adelaide, South Australia 5006

Email: info@yarrowplace.sa.gov.au

What we believe

Value Statements:

  • Rape and sexual assault are crimes.
  • Rape and sexual assault are a violation of basic human rights. It is important to respond to victims in a way that affirms their rights, dignity, humanity, and self-determination.
  • Anyone, regardless of age, sexuality, gender, culture or religion can become victims of sexual assault.
  • A person who is sexually assaulted is never to blame.
  • The perpetrator is totally responsible for the sexual assault and there are no excuses.
  • Some victims are sexually assaulted by strangers but most perpetrators are known to the victim such as partners, ex-partners, friends, family members, employers, neighbours, teachers, etc.
  • Sexual violence reflects the inequalities and power imbalances in society, between men and women, adults and children.
  • Sexual violence is not about sexual desire; it is about a perpetrator’s need for power and control over others.
  • Sexual assault includes a continuum of unwanted sexual behaviours ranging from unwanted touching and sexual harassment, to coerced sexual activity and rape. This may or may not involve physical violence and/or threat to life.
  • Rape and sexual assault are predominantly perpetrated by men against women and children. Men are also victims of rape and sexual assault, usually perpetrated by men.
  • Rape and sexual assault have a significant impact on the individual and society more broadly, including social, emotional, health, legal, economic and political consequences.
  • It is possible to recover from the effects of rape and sexual assault.
  • People who have been raped or sexually assaulted have the right to quality care.
  • It is necessary to work across the health and human services systems, the criminal justice system, the education system (which can contribute to prevention) and other relevant areas in order to achieve the best outcomes for victims and to reduce the prevalence of rape and sexual assault in our community.