Referring to the Statewide Eating Disorder Service

For people with an eating disorder

Contacting a new service for the first time can be a big step. At the Statewide Eating Disorder Service (SEDS) we have a dedicated intake worker available five days a week to take your call. These workers have a thorough understanding of eating disorders, and are happy to hear from you and see how we can help you, regardless of where you are at.

To find out about our services, discuss your situation, or access information, please contact SEDS.

If you are ready to meet us and discuss care please contact us, or print a SEDS Medical Practitioner Referral Form (PDF 652KB) and take it to your GP or medical practitioner.

For families and carers

At SEDS we understand that it can be difficult to help a person living with an eating disorder. We want to support you and help you get the necessary information, support and care.

To find out about our services, discuss your situation or access information, please contact SEDS.

To refer a loved one to our service, please contact us or print a SEDS Medical Practitioner Referral Form (PDF 652KB) and take this form along with the person you care for to an appointment with their GP/Medical Practitioner.

For medical professionals

We are a specialist mental health team who works in collaboration with GPs, specialists and other professionals who provide physical care for our patients. We also provide liaison, advice, and education to help you care for your patients. Please contact SEDS for further information.

To refer to SEDS:

For other professionals

We know many professionals support people with eating disorders. You can commence the referral process as follows:

  • Give the referred person/your patient the SEDS Medical Practitioner Referral Form (PDF 652KB) and Brief Guide to Medical Monitoring for people with eating disorders for their general practitioner or medical specialist to complete at their next consultation. We need this information in order to safely and efficiently triage referrals as we are not staffed by physicians. We strongly recommend that people with eating disorders visit their GP for a medical review regularly. The Brief Guideline to Medical Monitoring for people with eating disorders provides GP’s with parameters outside which a patient should be referred to acute medical services/Emergency Department.
  • Call our Intake Worker, 9.00am 4.30pm, Monday to Friday, on 7117 8800 to discuss the referral. The Intake Worker will request any further information needed from you.
  • Provide your patient with our office number as above and let them know they can expect to hear from us in the near future regarding the referral.
  • Encourage them to see their GP and have the referral completed as soon as possible.
  • If you are acutely concerned for the patient’s physical or mental health, please have them attend their local Emergency Department for further assessment. If you need support or advice, you can contact the Intake Worker on 7117 8800, 9.00am 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

For SA Health Community Mental Heath Teams

We welcome referrals from other Community Mental Health Teams. Please contact the Intake Worker directly on (08) 7117 8800 Monday to Friday during office hours.  Our staff member will guide you through the referral process and answer any questions you may have. Please do not refer us using the CBIS Referral Screen.

The SA Health SEDS Model of Care for Eating Disorders in SA uses a collaborative approach to care with other SA Health mental health teams. We are not able to take over your patient’s care when you initiate a referral. Please continue your care as you work with us. We do not provide general mental health case management or crisis management.