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BPD Awareness Week

Thursday, 1 to Wednesday, 7 October

 This year we celebrated each day of the week with a series of free online events.

  • We created artwork which represents your experience of ‘flipping the script’
  • Using words to ‘tell your story’
  • Experienced nature – an email guided activity
  • Created a collaborative online artwork expressing strengths discovered in the journey of BPD

You can see some of the fun and activities enjoyed through the week by accessing our digital story (PDF 4MB)

Flipping the Script podcast

BPD Co and headspace Adelaide are proud to introduce a podcast called Flipping the Script, Changing the Narrative on BPD.

During BPD Awareness Week 2020, BPD Co were pleased to collaborate with headspace Adelaide to capture Sam’s experience of BPD on podcast. Sam talks about stigma, seeking help and 'flipping the script' to identify those positives associated with the diagnosis. Thanks to Sam for sharing her valuable experiences, we are confident that her story will bring comfort, clarity and inspiration to other young people!

Click here if you would like to hear Sam's Podcast.


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