SA Health is committed to providing the best possible care to consumers as close to home as possible. Telerehabilitation services use online video conferencing (telehealth) to deliver rehabilitation services to people in their own homes via an iPad or computer. It also enables most country patients to access specialist care much closer to home at their local health service.

Telerehabilitation services are provided using a secure, encrypted platform and like any face-to-face consultation, your privacy and confidentiality will be safely maintained in a telehealth appointment.

When telerehabilitation can be used

Telerehabilitation services are available to all rehabilitation consumers and carers, where clinically appropriate, including many who may reside in rural and remote areas of South Australia.

Telerehabilitation can be used to provide medical consultations, allied health assessments and therapy and nursing consultations.

See the Accessing telerehabilitation page for details on how you can utilise our services as well as how to prepare yourself for your upcoming Telerehabilitation appointment.

Benefits of telerehabilitation

Telerehabilitation does not replace all face-to-face consultation – it works in conjunction with these appointments to reduce:

  • the burden of travel
  • accommodation costs
  • waiting times
  • stress on you, your family members and carers.

Telerehabilitation puts you at the centre of your care, empowering you to access rehabilitation services in a way that is convenient to you.

Watch patient stories and testimonials to find out more about the benefits of accessing Telerehabilitation.

Where telerehabilitation can be accessed

In conjunction with your local rehabilitation service, telerehabilitation can be accessed through the following sites:

Further information

For more information about telerehabilitation services: