Accommodation and travel to Mount Barker District Soldiers' Memorial Hospital


For patients and visitors who need accommodation there are suitable choices close to the hospital. Please visit the SA Tourism website.


Bus services

Telephone: (08) 8218 2362

Transport by Adelaide Metro Bus Service is available and close by for visitors to the hospital.

Taxi services

Mount Barker Taxis on (08) 8391 1888
Hills Area Taxis on (08) 8391 5600

Ambulance services

If a patient is transported to or from the hospital by ambulance, or between hospitals at the patient's request, the hospital will cover this cost unless you are a private patient.

Transport home

Patients can only leave the hospital by ambulance if it is medically recommended by their doctor.

Please plan ahead and make private arrangements for your trip home if you are well enough to travel by car or public transport.

The Red Cross may be able to help patients via their transport service.

Patient Assistance Transport Scheme (PATS)

The Patient Assistance Transport Scheme (PATS) makes specialist medical services more accessible to rural Australians by assisting with the cost of transport and accommodation expenses when travel is more than 100 kilometres (each way) to the nearest medical specialist. Please ask hospital staff for more information.

Locate the nearest PATS office.