Outpatient Appointments: Patient Information

How do I get an appointment?

If you need an outpatient appointment your Doctor will send a referral to the Outpatient Clinic explaining your medical condition and asking for you to be seen.

The Clinic will then contact you to arrange an appointment.

How long will I wait?

Waiting times are different for each clinic but patients are seen based on their individual medical need.

What is a Public Patient? 

Patients seen in a public clinic are unable to see the Doctor of their choice and will be allocated a doctor by the hospital and are seen free of charge.

Patients may not see the same doctor for each of their appointments.

What is a private patient?

Patients who are seen in a private outpatient clinic are seen by the doctor of their own or their GP's (local Doctor) choice. Patients seen in a private clinic will need to sign a Medicare form each visit.

Some patients may be required to pay a gap payment however, most clinics bulk bill all patients.

For more details regarding fees and cost of a clinic patients should speak to clinic staff making their appointment.

Do I need a Medicare card?

Yes, hospitals will ask to see Medicare and any other pension or healthcare cards.

Patients without a Medicare card may be charged for services received. 

What happens if I move while I am waiting for an appointment?

It is important that you notify the hospital if you move or change your contact details. If you do not provide the hospital with your updated details they will have no way of contacting you.

What happens if I get worse whilst I am waiting for an outpatient appointment?

If your condition worsens whilst you are waiting for your outpatient appointment, it is important that you contact your Doctor (GP) or seek medical advice.

If required, your GP can contact the hospital on your behalf to let them know about the changes in your health.

Healthdirect Australia can provide you with health advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 1800 022 222.

What should I bring to my current appointment?

  • The name, address and phone number of your General Practitioner
  • A current list of medications you are taking (if possible please being these in their original containers)
  • X-rays and test results for your current condition
  • Medicare, pension, health care, veterans, PBS safety net and private health care cards
  • A list of questions you would like to ask
  • A snack (particularly if you are diabetic)