Frequently asked questions

How will I access My Home Hospital?

If you need hospital treatment, you can always ask your nurse or doctor if My Home Hospital might be right for you. Your doctor or nurse will talk with you about whether you have one of the conditions being treated in My Home Hospital and whether the service may be appropriate. If you are eligible, they can then, with your permission, make a referral on your behalf.

My Home Hospital staff will review your referral and if it is accepted, confirm that they will provide your care and when this will start.

To be eligible for My Home Hospital you will be required to meet certain criteria. You will need to have access to a phone so that My Home Hospital staff can contact you and so you can get extra help if you need it.

Where do the staff in My Home Hospital come from?

Wellbeing SA has partnered with Calvary-Medibank, a joint venture between these two long standing health care organisations, to provide care using appropriately skilled and qualified medical, nursing and allied health staff. My Home Hospital will meet the same accreditation standards as Australia’s public hospitals.

Can I see my General Practitioner during my care?

Like in a traditional hospital, My Home Hospital doctors and nurses will be responsible for providing your care while you are admitted to the service. Support will be available 24/7 and you will receive a face-to-face visit every day. They may also use technology to communicate with you and monitor your wellbeing.

The first time they see you, your My Home Hospital nurse or doctor will tell you how to get help if you or your loved ones are worried. When you are ready for discharge, My Home Hospital will communicate with your GP about the care you have received and any ongoing support you may need.

Is there a cost for My Home Hospital?

My Home Hospital is a public hospital program and is free for eligible patients.

Do I need to have Private Health Insurance?

My Home Hospital is a public hospital program. You do not need private health insurance to access the service.

Do I have to have my hospital care at home?

No. Eligible patients will be offered care at home but the decision to agree to home based care is yours to make.

What are the benefits of My Home Hospital?

Care at home can mean:

  • more time with loved ones and pets, which can have a positive impact on your mental health and wellbeing
  • the comfort of being in your own familiar surroundings, your own bed and access to food you like
  • not having to travel to hospital, meaning your visitors are spending less money and time on public transport or car parking and time off work
  • lower risk of complications like infections or falls, which may be more common in an unfamiliar place.

What if I have specific cultural or personal needs?

Home is a special place for many people. It is where we can be ourselves and spend time with our loved ones.

Wellbeing SA has been working with members of the community to understand what home means for them and what needs to be carefully considered when receiving health care at home.  

My Home Hospital health professionals will discuss any personal or cultural needs with you. Please advise staff if you have any particular needs that should be considered during your admission.

What happens when I am discharged?

At the end of your My Home Hospital admission, both you and your GP will be provided with a record of the care and treatment you received in a discharge summary. If you need additional support after discharge, a My Home Hospital health professional and/or your GP will coordinate this for you.