Lyell McEwin Redevelopment Project

Great things are happening here.

Lyell McEwin Redevelopment Project concept drawings

$58million is being invested in the Lyell McEwin Hospital to expand and revitalise the emergency department (ED) and build an 8-bed Mental Health Short Stay Unit (MHSS).

The redevelopment, set to almost double the current capacity of the ED, is critical to meeting the increased demand and future need of our growing local population.

To be built over three stories the ED when complete will include 72 treatment spaces, additional resuscitation and triage capabilities as well as a dedicated paediatric assessment and treatment space.

The new eight-bed MHSS will provide a purpose-built facility with a more suitable care environment for mental health patients requiring short stay. The unit will ensure that patients have access to specialised care by staff 24/7 after being seen in ED.

Milestone two, which is the construction of the three levels of the ED and the MHSS commenced recently, following the decommissioning and demolition of the previous existing structures which was completed late last year.

Milestone two is expected to be completed by March 2022.

The existing ED continues to operate while construction is taking place.

The extension of the Lyell McEwin multi-deck carpark, part of the redevelopment project, was completed in June last year and construction of a private car park opposite the hospital has commenced.